Download ☆ Spring Persistence -- A Running Start By Paul Tepper Fisher –

Spring Persistence -- A Running Start Published With The Developer In Mind, FirstPress Technical Briefs Explore Emerging Technologies That Have The Potential To Be Critical For Tomorrows Industry Apress Keeps Developers One Step Ahead By Presenting Key Information As Early As Possible In A PDF Of 150 Pages Or Less Explore The Future Through Apress With Spring PersistenceA Running Start.This FirstPress Title Gets Readers Rolling With The Various Fundamental Spring Framework Java Persistence Concepts And Offerings, As Well As Proven Design Patterns For Integrating Spring Persistence Functionality For Complex And Transactionbased Enterprise Java Applications.The Java Platform Offers Several Options For Saving Longlived Information, Including JPA Java Persistence API , Hibernate, IBatis, JDBC, And Even JCR Java Content Repositorya Standard For Interfacing With A Content Management System.This Book Helps Readers Decide Which Persistence Solution Is The Most Ideal For Their Application Requirements, And Shows How Spring Can Be Leveraged To Simplify The Integration Of Their Selected Persistence Framework Into Their Enterprise Application.

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