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Die, Grandpa, Die The Horrifying True Story Of Christopher Pittman, Who Was Convicted Of Murdering His Grandparents In Cold Blood In Their South Carolina Home In 2001 When He Was Only 12 Years Old Of Photos Original.

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    This story is about a 12 year old Christopher Pittman who loves his Grandpa He has spent a lot of time with these paternal grandparents because his mother abandoned him when he was a baby and his father was in the military As the boy grew older, he did not get along with his Dad His father was a strict disciplinarian Christopher became depressed and his grandparents brought him to SC to live with them They took hi...

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    Granted, true crime is pretty much the fast food snack of reading, but even so I expect an author to puteffort into a book than this 75% of the book is verbatim courtroom transcripts can you say Lazy Author Ok if you use trans...

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    Although as a true story this was quite depressing and had an unsatisfactory conclusion, this book was quite good It s very well written and worth reading for anyone who is interested in crime or law.

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    Was a long read.Longer than needed to be It was ok.The story albeit shocking was long and drawn out.Certainly makes one think about what types of medication s are being prescribed.

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    A tragic story of murder that was well told by Author Dale Hudson.

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    Read in 2009