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Going All the Way THEY WERE SIX GIRLS IN THE CLASS OF 63 AND NONE OF THEM EVER DREAMED OF REALITYThey Were The Chosen Girls Of Their College Class, The Brightest And Most Beautiful, And This Is What Happened To Them Since Their Graduation In The 60s, Those Days Of Furtive Sex And Nervous Searching For Mr Right Claire, The Actress, Who Traded Her Hopes Of Glory For The Truth About HerselfSarah, The Artist, Chained In Suburbia, Drifting From One Sordid Affair To AnotherVanessa, The Beauty, Who Had Everything Plus Pills, Alcohol, And DespairJulie, The Southern Belle, Living With Her Black Lover And Their ChildAnn, The Nice Girl, Buried Under Mounds Of Fat, Paying Heavily For Trapping Her Husband With Pregnancy Donna, Rigid And Frigid, A Prisoner Of Her Narrow, Restrictive Religious Background.This Is Their Story, As They Traveled Through Love And Sex, Marriage And Divorce, Motherhood And Making It Through So Many Different Kinds Of Trips And So Many Different Kinds Of Men Through Breaking Down And Growing Up.GOING ALL THE WAYA Novel Of What Happened To An Entire Generation Of Women For Better And For Worse.

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    I found this book years ago in my mother s book shelf One of her trashy novels I remember reading it then and thinking how racy it was I must have been around 11 I think she got it at a used books store Anyway, enough of my back story The book follows 6 girls from the Gamma Mu Sorority from 1963 through 197...