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Applications of Random Matrices in Physics Random Matrices Are Widely And Successfully Used In Physics For Almost 60 70 Years, Beginning With The Works Of Dyson And Wigner Although It Is An Old Subject, It Is Constantly Developing Into New Areas Of Physics And Mathematics It Constitutes Now A Part Of The General Culture Of A Theoretical Physicist Mathematical Methods Inspired By Random Matrix Theory Become Powerful, Sophisticated And Enjoy Rapidly Growing Applications In Physics Recent Examples Include The Calculation Of Universal Correlations In The Mesoscopic System, New Applications In Disordered And Quantum Chaotic Systems, In Combinatorial And Growth Models, As Well As The Recent Breakthrough, Due To The Matrix Models, In Two Dimensional Gravity And String Theory And The Non Abelian Gauge Theories The Book Consists Of The Lectures Of The Leading Specialists And Covers Rather Systematically Many Of These Topics It Can Be Useful To The Specialists In Various Subjects Using Random Matrices, From PhD Students To Confirmed Scientists.