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The Nan Chronicle (Studies on Southeast Asia, No. 16) KINDLE The Nan Chronicle Studies On Southeast Asia, No 16 Author David K Wyatt Bandcamptomp3.co.uk A New Translation Of The 1894 Chronicle By A High Ranking Official From The Nan Kingdom, A Once Powerful Principality Whose Territory Encompassed All Of What Is Now Northwestern Laos And Neighboring Portions Of China, In Addition To The Present Province Of Nan In Thailand It Details The History Of The Principality, The Legendary Origins Of The Nan River Valley, The Rituals And Customs Of The Nan, The Moral Duties Of The Ruler, And Royal Genealogy A Fascinating Portrait Of Thai History And Culture.

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    The Nan River valley is a remote region of northern Thailand, compromising the modern day provinces of Nan and Uttaradit Prior to the 20th century, it was home to a small but ancient principality, which stood between the cultural spheres of central Siam, Lan Na Chiang Mai , and Lan Chang Laos This work dates to the late 19th century, after the partition of French and Siamese territory at the Mekong had significantly inhibited Nan s political power, and was written by a nobleman of Nan named Saenluang Ratchasomphan.Ratchasomphan s work can truly be called a work of critical history His narrative avoids excessive focus on mythological origins, instead concentrating on the successive periods of Nan history, from its long, early period of independence, and its successive periods under the influence of Lan Na, Burma, and Siam N...

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