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The Mind of Swami Vivekananda Swami Vivekananda Was One Of The Great Religious Minds Of The 19th Century.His Appearance In The Congress Of World Religions In America Was A Momentous Event In The History Of Religion.He Has Forever Changed The Western View Of Vedanta Hindu Philosophy.What Was Hitherto Considered An Assortment Of Superstitions Was Revealed By Vivekananda S Eloquence To Be A Sophisticated Religious And Metaphysical System Which Won Te Respect Of Western Thinkers What Is The Substance Of Vivekananda S Interpretatyion Of Vedanta And How Relevant Is It To 21st Century Man In This Revised Volume Gautam Sen Pieces Togehter The Representative Portions Of The Swami S Philosophy And Ties Them Up With A Running Commentary Of His Own.

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