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The Mind of Swami Vivekananda Download The Mind Of Swami Vivekananda Author Gautam Sen Nature Explore.eu Swami Vivekananda Was One Of The Great Religious Minds Of The 19th Century.His Appearance In The Congress Of World Religions In America Was A Momentous Event In The History Of Religion.He Has Forever Changed The Western View Of Vedanta Hindu Philosophy.What Was Hitherto Considered An Assortment Of Superstitions Was Revealed By Vivekananda S Eloquence To Be A Sophisticated Religious And Metaphysical System Which Won Te Respect Of Western Thinkers What Is The Substance Of Vivekananda S Interpretatyion Of Vedanta And How Relevant Is It To 21st Century Man In This Revised Volume Gautam Sen Pieces Togehter The Representative Portions Of The Swami S Philosophy And Ties Them Up With A Running Commentary Of His Own.

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