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    Interesting perspective which I m not sure I totally bought into when I read it but it contains ideas which were quite radical at the time.

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    It was too boring

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    Your eyesight is defective Europe is blinded by her past, and does not understand the high price of her churches, art galleries, and architecture My presence in Europe is part of that price I was raised in Europe, bu...

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    Caryl Phillips wonderfully writes about his travels across Europe, often in the darkest parts, with emotional depth and historical knowledge A must read for those who are into the otherness literature.

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    A must for white Europeans probably not easy for those not aware of our ethnocentrism.

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    Phillips seeks out the Black man s place among the European Tribe Travel writing at its finest.

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    This is already good and only a few pages in.

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The European Tribe The European Tribe PDF Epub Author Caryl Phillips Jobs In Kingston.co.uk In This Richly Descriptive And Haunting Narrative, Caryl Phillips Chronicles A Journey Through Modern Day Europe, His Quest Guided By A Moral Compass Rather Than A Map Seeking Personal Definition Within The Parameters Of Growing Up Black In Europe, He Discovers That The Natural Loneliness And Confusion Inherent In Long Jorneys Collides With The Bigotry Of The European Tribe A Global Community Of Whites Caught Up In An Unyielding, Eurocentric History.Phillips Deftly Illustrates The Scenes And Characters He Encounters, From Casablanca And Costa Del Sol To Venice, Amsterdam, Oslo, And Moscow He Ultimately Discovers That Europe Is Blinded By Her Past, And Does Not Understand The High Price Of Her Churches, Art Galleries, And History As The Prison From Which Europeans Speak In The Afterword To The Vintage Edition, Phillips Revisits The Europe He Knew As A Young Man And Offers Fresh Observations.