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Life In Ancient Africa (Peoples of the Ancient World) Ebook Life In Ancient Africa Peoples Of The Ancient World Author Hazel Richardson This Book Is Intended For Ages 8 14 From The First Hunting And Gathering Societies To The Great Nubian Kingdoms Of Kush, Africa Has For Centuries Been The Centre Of Great Cultural Activity Across Its Mountains, Deserts, And Rainforests Life In Ancient Africa Portrays The Major Civilisations Of The Ancient African Era Using Maps And Beautiful Full Colour Photographs And Illustrations Topics Include Zimbabwe, Aksum, Meroe, Ghana, Mali, And Songhai The Rise Of Hundreds Of Regional Dialects Pyramids, Temples, Royal Tombs, And Palaces Irrigation And Other Farming Techniques Trans Sahara Caravan Routes And Trade With The Rest Of The World The Discovery Of Mineral Resources An Oral Storytelling Culture Music And Dance.

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    This is one of those books that appear to be filled with detailed information but its mostly just pictures or illustrations that the reader probably will only skim through and glance at portions of Best used as an addition resource to compliment information in a text book.