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    Hiss s s s is the story of Omar, a boy who wants a pet snake, and it includes at least as much information about how to care for snakes as your average pet guide for children The information is presented as the results of Omar s research and the guidance given to him by the dealer from whom he obtains his snake, and it didn t feel out of place or annoying to me, even though I recognized th...

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    Omar would very much like a snake He has read all sorts of information about them and knows just how to take care of one, from feeding to the habitat the snake will need The only problem his mother is very afraid of snakes and she doesn t want one in the house Omar s father is okay with the idea, as long as Omar will be responsible for the snake Omar is He finds a friend...

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    I gave this book three stars because while I enjoyed it, I am also very fascinated by snakes and in fact used to have a pet ball python As someone who used to have a pet snake I found this book very realistic and amusing Omar s mother s reaction to the idea of him getting such a pet was very similar to my own mother s when I proposed the idea to her at the age of thirteen.There are really no illustrations to discus...

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    Omar really wants a snake, but he had to convince his mother that it wouldn t be dangerous So he does his research the characteristics of snakes, how to take good care of them, even who to buy from At a family meeting, they all agree to a list of rules that Omar must follow in order to get and keep a snake And so the process begins Omar manages to buy most of the equipment he needs from Samkatt s his best friend s neighbor Omar then finds Snake Dude, a snake breeder with a lot of positiv Omar really wants a sn...

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    Omar is a kid who wants to take the responsibility to own a snake but what will his mom think when there are dead mice in her fridge His dad supports Omar and tries to persuade his mom to let him keep the snake Omar s sister Zara always comes to his room to hold his snake no ...

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    I think this book handles multiculturalism very well by making it not a huge deal but having some affect on the story As far as an instruction guide for having a pet, not so much but definitely a good lesson in compromise and using resources to your advantage I do lik...

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    My third graders loved this read aloud I must admit the beginning was tedious for an adult to read but kids were enthralled by the step by step adventure of owning a snake The last half of the book was fun to read to the kids and they begged forwhen we had to stop.

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    A good story, especially if you are thinking about getting a snake as a pet It was a little hard for me to read at some points because I do not like snakes, or frozen mice Kind of grossed me out The interesting thing is the author talks about snake phobias in the book Was he thinking about me

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    Ack It felt like it was an informational book about how to keep pet snakesthan a story at times Then a big issue is cracked open on the last few pages but tidily overcome Should have played a bigger part in the book.

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    Omar convinces his family he can take care of a snake His mom is afraid of snakes Arrow the snake disappears When Omar realizes why his mom is so scared of snakes he needs to find Arrow immediately.

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Hiss-s-s-s! Hiss S S S Pdf Author Eric A Kimmel Polishdarling.co.uk Omar Wants A Snake Than Anything, But His Mom Is Unenthusiastic To Say The Least However, The Family Manages To Strike A Compromise Omar Can Get A Corn Snake But The Pet, Which He Names Arrow, Must Stay Inside Omar S Room, Where His Mom Will Not Have To Set Eyes On It When Arrow Escapes, The Incident Becomes A Catalyst For Omar To Gain A New Understanding Of His Mother And His Childhood In War Torn Lenanon.

  • Hardcover
  • 154 pages
  • Hiss-s-s-s!
  • Eric A. Kimmel
  • English
  • 22 February 2019
  • 0823424154

About the Author: Eric A. Kimmel

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hiss-s-s-s! book, this is one of the most wanted Eric A. Kimmel author readers around the world.