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The Planet of Music (The Little Prince, #3) Reading The Planet Of Music The Little Prince, 3 Author Cl Lia Constantine Airdomains.co.uk The Warrior Utians Are A Little Confused By The Strange Behavior Of Euphony, The Diva Whose Singing Sets The Rhythm Of All Their Planet S Days Recently, Euphony Seems So Sad, And She S Been Singing Less And Less When The Little Prince And Fox Discover That Euphony Is Singing The Blues Over A Foreign Prince Named Ivory, Things Get Too Complicated Even For Them Because Ivory Is From The Land Of The Flower Growers, The Sworn Enemies Of The Utians.

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    THE LITTLE PRINCE Book 3 The Planet of Music My dear Rose, I m still having a hard time understanding the grown ups idea of power Power seems to act like a poison, corrupting the hearts of those who possess it They re such very strange people The Little Prince Thanks for teaching me so much about l...

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    A combination of two of my favourite things of course I had to have this book I haven t read the first two in the series, but it s pretty easy to figure out what is going on The Little Prince continues his adventures to themed planets across the galaxy, fighting the evils of the snake along the way To be honest, the story was pretty ho hum, but the artwork is love...

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    Well mostly this book includes music but the little prince almost manages to fight the snake that is evil and the snake had left behind gloomies and gloomies were there and you can t defeat the gloomies but the little Prince made one of his very biggest creatures to defeat the gloomies and then the creature ran along a...

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    Public library copy.My library does not carry volume 2 so consequently I have not read that book I maintain this series has better art than story, but having read volume one made this story much accessible compared to it being a jumping on point for new readers.

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    It just happens way too easily The writing was a bit better in this one.

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    Not an exact feel to the original Little Prince stories but still carries the dream like feel and mature themes