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    It shimmers There are some really beautiful parts Engines and machines shovel us around A city is a city because of the impermanence of what it contains consumes Driving around is an experience More or less my take away.

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    Tony Fitzpatrick s book length poem Bum Town is a tough but deeply moving ode to Fitzpatrick s father and the disappearing Chicago they once knew From the very first stanza From 79th Street Southworks flexed its Muscle of light, An infinite halo Of orange and white Like they had captured The sun In four steel walls , Fitzpatrick sets the tone his poem will not be about the Chicago of skyscrapers and celebrities and victory, but of railroad tracks and steel mills and rubbled lots, of death and the commercial gaudiness of Western Avenue and local hero Tony Zale losing his title bout to Graziano at the Stadium on one should have been magic evening in 1946.Much of the narrative consists of Fitzpatrick s memories of driving around with his father to Montrose Harbor where the smelt are a whir of silvery light As indecipherable as The tails of Comets , to a butcher shop at 18th and Halsted and the garlic smell which overpowers the car s interior, past the Stadium and the site of Zale s defeat, and to Mt Olivet Cemetery, where Fitzpatrick s Uncle Ray a childhood victim of a train accident is buried and haunts Mr Fitzpatrick s waking hours Their meanderings are set to a soundtrack of Bob Elson announcing White Sox games and Mr Fitzpatrick s memories of and reflections on the city.The verse is written in short and crisp lines which cleanly present the vivid descriptions of the cit...

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    Tony Fitzpatrick is a local artist poet This poem and the accompanying etchings are his love song to Chicago and an ode to his dead father The poem takes the form of memories of car rides he took with his dad, who was a burial vaul...

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    Poetry and drawings by Chicago artist Tony Fitzpatrick He makes it OK for big scary guys to draw and write touching poetry from the heart And he does it well This work makes me think of the lives and work of my mother s side of the family from the south side of Chicago and their hustle for survival.

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    Drawings are interesting poetry is not.

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Bum Town KINDLE Bum Town Tony Fitzpatrick Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Bum Town Is Tony Fitzpatrick S Allegorical Tale Of A Journey Through Chicago With The Ghost Of His Father Revisiting The Places That Have Changed, Remembering The Uncle Who Died As A Boy Trying To Hop A Freight During The Great Depressions, Praising And Dispraising A City Of Dreams And Despair.